Hiking the Learning Trail

I grew up in a small island community in Palau where learning came from observing, guessing, asking questions, practicing, accepting risks, depending on others, improving skills and techniques, making mistakes, and trying again, and again… Through thousands of trials and errors, our ancestors had adapted to their environment and passed on their research and findings through our customs and traditions.  These customs and traditions have continue to evolve as the environment, people, and their needs have shifted over the generations.  As a lifelong learner, I find myself constantly reflecting on new knowledge and experiences, with that understanding that I am continuing that tradition of connecting the present to the past.

After earning a B.A. in International Studies and B.S. in Secondary Education, Social Studies at Taylor University in Upland, Indiana, I also completed my MEd in Learning Design & Technology at the University of Alaska Southeast.  I’ve been a high school teacher, curriculum specialist, English instructor, basketball and volleyball coach and referee, after school program teacher, youth development coordinator, technology & leadership program coordinator, a college & career adviser, technology coordinator, science outreach coordinator, and a science festival director.  Throughout my career, I found myself naturally supporting others to use and integrate technology appropriately and effectively in their own work.  Technology has always peaked my curiosity and I enjoy learning about new innovations; I love using simple “machines” and applying tech concepts in new ways to empower others.  I’ve always been something of a tinkerer and a maker, and I thrive on being challenged, being creative, and solving problems!

As a military spouse, I often discover new places to call home and new opportunities to integrate technology into my work.  I value being a lifelong learner and I think of it as “hiking the learning trail.” I believe learning and adapting to change allows me to expand my perspective and to learn from others. I created this blog site in graduate school to share my learning experience, and have found that capturing my learning in an open environment not only challenges me to be intentional about my process but to collaboratively engage others in feedback and dialogue. By connecting with others and mapping my learning trail, I’ve added a new aspect of my personal development and professional practice that I only hope will inspire others to do the same!


Any thoughts, feelings, opinions, suggestions?

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