Progress this week

This week I have been focusing on the registration process and instructions for downloading the MinecraftEdu client.

I wrote out steps for the Registration Process in a Drive document.  I wanted to specify what happens after a teacher submits a registration through our Google Form.  I think it’s important to acknowledge receipt of the registration form, so after a teacher submits their form, I am sending a confirmation email with several steps they need to complete in preparation for the GiverCraft experience.  The steps are:

  1. Join our Google Group and write their introduction.  This is where they will continue to communicate with us any issues, ideas or concerns throughout the next couple of weeks.
  2. Assign their students to read “The Giver” by Lois Lowry.  I added that students need to finish reading the book in order to get the best experience.
  3. Have their students create email addresses (preferably gmail accounts), if they don’t currently have school email addresses. Later I will request a roster with student names, email addresses and usernames they will use to log in so we can oversee the students while they are in the game.
  4.  Continue to explore our GiverCraft website at to read more about our project, review the Lesson Outline we have created for your students, and explore articles about how MinecraftEdu is being used in classrooms today!

I also let them know that they will be getting weekly updates up until the Teacher Handshake Meeting.  I realized when I started writing out steps that there is a lot the teachers can do leading up to the Handshake meeting and that it will help to get them started on them as soon as possible.  It is also important to keep teachers updated and to follow up in a timely manner. I’m looking forward to reading teacher introductions.  Shout out to Tiffany for registering her class and posting her teacher introduction!

I was able to spend some time with the other team members exploring the Zones that Thomas and Tiffany built in the world.  Everything is looking great and I like the expanse of space since we want to leave room for students to create as much as they can.

The other task I had was to write out instructions for downloading and installing the MinecraftEdu client.  With Lee’s guidance, I put together the steps and created a power point which I saved as a PDF and uploaded to the Google Drive.  I went through the download and install process and clipped images to use in my document.  I will be sending this document to registered teachers and asking them to go through and make sure they are able to download, install and log in.  We will also be posting these instructions on the website; ideally teachers who are still unsure about signing up their classes would also be able to go through the steps to make sure it is even possible to use the client in their classrooms or schools.  I also made a note in the document about basic tech requirements and that they should ask their school IT support staff to get involved to ensure the client is properly installed.  I think there are several risks of posting the download instructions online. I would rather have teachers contact us about trying to download it first and we could send instructions directly.  My concerns are:

1.  Anyone could download the client and get into our world pretty easily

2.  Teachers could install the client and potentially show it to students before we are ready to launch.

3.  Since we have not finalized the world, there is a risk that it could be compromised.

The GiverCraft Wikispace has been finalized.  I had created test pages which Lee kindly deleted after we were done figuring out the page hierarchy.  Thomas created a banner which we now have on the Home page.  We will use the Home page to post our instructions for posting to the Wiki.  Each teacher will have a page with their last name as the title.  I have created pages for the registered teachers; then once student rosters are submitted, I will create student pages under each teacher page.  We agreed that each student will have a dedicated page so that their work is properly documented and assessed.

Another ongoing task that will be completed by Sunday is designing our Celebration and Reflection to end GiverCraft.  Amanda and I are meeting today to finalize those details and propose to the team.

2 thoughts on “Progress this week

  1. After reading your wonderful instructions for downloading and installing MincecraftEdu, I submitted a couple of suggestions for CLARITY ONLY to the most excellent power point. Seems the registration process is going well. Usually, registrar is a job in itself without the tech responsibilities added to it! The post registration, pre-event instructions are great. Thanks to you, I am learning a lot about the Google apps like groups, docs, and such.
    What I discovered while collating info for the handshake doc is exactly what you said: there is a lot the teachers can do leading up to the Handshake meeting and it will help if they get started as soon as possible.
    Your handiwork in the zones is wonderful and greatly appreciated. I did see the document about basic tech requirements to share with school IT support staff to ensure the client is properly installed, but decided not to clog my brain with any technical stuff at this point!
    My thoughts were just the same as yours regarding posting downloading instructions online. I fully agree with your concerns and solution. Emailing sounds much safer.
    Another wonderful lesson from you this week: banner. I did not know what it meant until I read your blog! Much obliged! You have really given the Wiki a lot of thought and much time, and I even understand the plan. I really appreciate all the hard work both you and Amanda have put into the Celebration and Reflection part of the project, you are so totally awesome.


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