4 weeks left! GiverCraft is REAL!

I’m a big fan of countdowns and planning out what to do with all the remaining time left until the countdown is over.  When I think about this project, I get a little nervous but am still very excited.  I think actually seeing teachers register for GiverCraft has made it REAL!  There are actual teachers with students who are waiting for GiverCraft to begin! How cool!

I continue to be impressed with the depth of thought and incredible passion and effort that our project team continues to bring.  Amanda reminded me that we had actually been planning on two different groups at the very beginning of this course!


This last week I have been working on confirming teacher registrations with welcome emails, finalizing our client download and install instructions, adding teachers to our Google Group and Wikispace, and thinking about Phase 4 – the Celebration to end GiverCraft.  The time I spent in the game this past week also helped me think about what students will be seeing and experiencing, major PROPS to Thomas and Tiffany for working on the world.  I know it’s fun but still very time consuming but it really helps to visualize the world that students will be using.

When I went through Lori’s Handshake meeting research, I was reminded to go back and read my own blogs. Way back when we kept “talking” about ideas and game elements (it was only last month), everything seemed so theoretical and up in the air.  Now we are in it and it’s not easy but seeing elements of this project starting to take shape and having everything posted on the website makes the project come alive.  We’ve put ourselves out there and the stakes have been raised!

My focus is shifting to supporting teachers who have registered; getting them the MinecraftEdu client and having them go through installation, coordinating a group schedule for when teams will be in the game (this is why student learn to solve word problems in math!), and collecting student information from teachers.  I am looking forward to maybe seeing teachers in a practice session in MinecraftEdu in the next couple of weeks!  There’s no test like actually getting in the game and seeing if all our work makes sense to them!  We have four weeks left until the GiverCraft begins, it just got REAL!

Any thoughts, feelings, opinions, suggestions?

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