SEACCR Week 1 Reflection: So Far So Good!!

First week of the SEACCR course is over and I’m feeling good about my understanding of the course objectives and what’s expected from me. I spent some time at the beginning of the week reviewing the course website and downloading documents and materials to help me stay on track.  I always appreciate seeing the course syllabus from the beginning, particularly because I want to see the rubrics and overall standards.  It helped to also find out that rubrics for all assignments are always on Livetext.  However, the organizing timeline and course schedule that outlines all the assignments, blog topics, and due dates were probably the most helpful documents to help me understand the scope of work that I will be completing in the course.

Joining the web meeting was fairly easy and intuitive.  If there was video of Dr. Jones speaking, I wasn’t able to view that, but I felt the course overview was informative and helped to reinforce what I had read on the course website.  The questions that other students had in the chat and through the audio were also helpful in clarifying the course information.  I also appreciated that we went through using Tweetdeck because I was able to set up columns for all of my courses.

The class twitter session was fun and informative and using Tweetdeck absolutely saved me from getting lost in the tweets!  I also enjoyed using Padlet for the first time to keep track of the ideas and resources shared by others.  Hopefully we continue that for our future twitter sessions; I usually try to go back and read through the tweets again and reviewing the Padlet board was very helpful.  As I went back and read the class tweets yesterday, I realized there were others who were asking questions or sharing resources that I had missed.  I will probably try to build in time throughout the week to check out the course tweets since I don’t regularly get on Twitter outside of the class sessions.

Accessing the course reading materials was very convenient and I really enjoyed reading both articles.  I did some additional reading through outside sources but ultimately I used the course material to guide my thoughts in responding to the essential question.  I’ve been brainstorming ideas for my research project before the course even began and I wanted to add the top two ideas that I’ve come up with, into my blog for others to give me feedback.

I was able to read all of the blogs that were posted and was very impressed with the collective experiences of the group!  There were some blogs that I wasn’t able to comment and later I went back and emailed those writers to ask them to enable comments; from what I remember, comments aren’t automatically enabled when you create a site, so I assumed that it just hadn’t been enabled by those users.

I was able to receive some feedback about my research topic ideas (yay!!) and I wrote down the comments and questions on my brainstorm board to help me refine my research question.  From reading other blogs, I realized that classroom research is not something extra but rather an integral part of my practice.  If done well, the research uses and builds on what I already do, but also helps me be more effective and efficient in my work.  One of my goals now is to build on my work in this course and add an area of ongoing professional research to my work “portfolio.”  I also learned that getting very specific and narrowing a focus for my research can be a challenge at first, but will make the research go much better, and not be overwhelming for me.  I’d like to see this week if others would like to meet in Twitter or on Hangouts to brainstorm and help refine research topics.  I am finding that it is also hard to keep up with all the discussion threads on all the blogs so I want to focus on several each week and try to rotate to other bloggers throughout the course.

Onward to Week 2!!

Any thoughts, feelings, opinions, suggestions?

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