A reflection on a fun and busy week of building diffi-tools for Givercraft!

It was a busy Diffi-Mooc week that began with prepping for small group meetings to brainstorm ideas for differentiation in MinecraftEdu.  Tyler, Nicole, Scott, Meagan, and I meet in a Hangout call to discuss what a Givercraft internship would look like and what teacher and student tools we wanted to create.  We worked in the same Google document that other groups were using so we could easily see ideas as they were being recorded.  In our discussion, we wanted to prioritize tools that were easily accessible and useful for both teachers and students.  At the end of our meeting, we signed up to work on specific ideas for differentiation.

I enjoyed thinking about my ideas and how they would be used during Givercraft.  I created separate documents for each idea in our Diffi-Mooc team folder after other people had signed up for the same ideas.  Jon signed up to write clues for students in the game so I asked him to read through my ideas and if we could work together.  He and I have been working in a shared document on creating secret dwellings and abandoned communities.  We were also able to meet in the game world and find a location to start building our first community.  Here is a sneak peek:

Abandoned Community

Theresa and I will be working on a maze challenge that will be used as a “timeout” for griefing or trolling students.  I found a spot where I started to create the maze challenge and plan to meet Teresa in the game to finish it.  In order to return to the community, they will need to complete the maze.  I have been using foundation blocks to build the maze and the outer walls of the abandoned community, so that they would be unbreakable!  Here is a look at what I’ve built so far, and yes, part of it does go underwater beneath the ice!

Timeout Maze Challenge

I have started collecting student resources that I will use in my Wikispaces diffi-tool; I am creating a Student Resource Page or Help Center that can be easily accessed for guides and tutorials during the game.  I rewrote descriptions for my Diffi-Tools and sent them to Ali to be used in our teacher training this week!  I still have quite a lot of building and writing to do this week for my tools and hopefully I can be in the game with my partners too.  I’m so excited to see all the ideas that have been developed by our Diffi-Mooc team!  It’s great to see tools for both teachers and students some of which are in the game and others are used outside!

Any thoughts, feelings, opinions, suggestions?

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