A reflection on preparing for Givercraft Teacher Training

As we get closer to teacher training, I am excited because we will be able to meet teachers and learn more about their needs and interests in Givercraft.  At the same time, I have some anxiety around whether or not we are prepared or if we will have enough time to put together our training modules and materials.  Since we only received one (1) response to our needs assessment survey, we cannot make assumptions about whether that represents the rest of the teachers.  I plan to prepare my training materials to cover all of the information that is needed and we can determine during the training what our priorities are for topics of discussion.  I also want to be thorough in covering information and creating training materials so that one of my peers could easily use the materials that I create and conduct the same training.  Since we will repeat this training for Survivorcraft, I think this will help us evaluate our training methods and materials.

Our team will not meet again until the first training, so we each need to work on our training modules and share with the other for feedback. It can be challenging to asynchronously work together on a group project if we are not explicit about our expectations and understandings of the project and our individual tasks.  It is important for me to check in with my team and make sure my understandings are accurate and to communicate any concerns, questions, or issues I see with my tasks.  I realized that during our team meeting, we did not discuss specific training modules.  I emailed our team to clarify that we should each create a training module or plan that outlines what we plan to cover, what documents or materials we will reference, and what tool we will use (Screenshare Drive documents, demonstrate through MinecraftEdu, show videos, etc.).  I am responsible to create the “study guide” for teachers; this document should serve as a guide or handbook for teachers and will contain the unit plan, training materials, and any resources we can share with teachers.

We have two (2) returning teachers, and in some ways, having been in Givercraft before can be good for them.  These teachers understand how much time was needed to prepare students, give them time in the game, and guide their reflection writing outside of the game.  They also understand the logistics of installing and using the MinecraftEdu client which is often time consuming in the beginning for newer Givercraft teachers.  The major difference for this experience is that now teachers will create their own zones in the game world, monitor and manage their own students, and make changes in the game world for each scenario.  I think this is an important step for teachers to have control and ownership over the experience they want to create for their students.

One thought on “A reflection on preparing for Givercraft Teacher Training

  1. The study guides were nice and very helpful. I think having a guide book for the project is nice. If a teacher gets stuck they can look back at the guide. I think being open ended and expecting teaching to know more is not always a good idea. I think teachers like be directed, even if they say they do not. I think structure is a good thing. Thanks for making the study guides.


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