My preparations for data collection

How am I preparing for data collection?

As I prepare for data collection next week, I am compiling my research proposal and reviewing my framework.  This week I was able to meet and talk to three (3) of the Givercraft Teachers through the preparations and trainings we conducted in our #OLTAK (EDET 674 – Online Learning and Teaching) course.  These teachers were introduced to the MinecraftEdu Teacher Tools and have been tasked with building their own class zones in the game world.  During the training we discussed tools and strategies that teachers would use in the game world to manage students.  The teachers will each need to figure out how their classroom management plan/style applies to monitoring students in the game world and they will also be responsible for enforcing the Givercraft Community Agreement.

Some of my data collection tools will automatically capture data during the Givercraft experience.  I have written my posts for the Google Group for teachers and will post them after my research proposal is approved and before Monday when Givercraft begins.  This topic thread will track teacher reported behavior issues during the experience and will be saved as one of my data documents.  The same thing will happen for a Google Hangout chat; I will add all the Givercraft teachers to a Hangout chat window that will be used to capture any reported issues and allow teachers to share and collaborate on the tools they are using to manage their students in the game world.  The game chat history will need to be saved either daily or at the end of the experience.  The other option I have is to save it after my observation of each teacher.  I have printed my observation protocol sheets; I am going to try taking paper notes and then use the computer if needed.  Being in the game for Givercraft will be challenging enough to follow teachers; I might have to screencast while I follow them and record my observations from watching the screencast video.  I have also changed my group interview into individual teacher interviews since not all teachers attended the same trainings and coordinating a time for all teachers to be together will be challenging.  I have completed my research proposal and am awaiting approval before proceeding with my data collection tools.

My Research Proposal

6 thoughts on “My preparations for data collection

  1. Awesome user agreement contract! I like how explicit it is in the expectations of appropriate behavior for the student as well as the steps that happen if the student breaks this contract.

    It seems like you are doing a good job of thinking about the best way to observe the teachers interact with your students. There are pros and cons to each of the methods you’ve proposed. You might just have to try them out and see what works best.

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    1. Thanks I adapted the community agreement for this experience but I think teachers should adapt it to their own classroom management plans. We wanted to provide a stand-alone agreement so students would know the standard that is expected of every student, regardless of which school or class they belong. I am learning to trust this research process and that I picked some tools to test and not fret over those cons too much! 🙂 Part of why I selected this topic is there is a lot of information about the benefits of using MinecraftEdu but not necessarily advice on how to manage students in the game. “Chasing” students to keep an eye on them in a virtual gaming environment is not easy, so I imagine it’s going to be interesting to see how teachers manages their own students!


  2. Your project sounds so neat! It’s making me wish I had a way to use more technology to capture my data. Paper and pencil seems so tedious and boring. 😉 I think it was a good choice to change your interviews to be individual instead of group. It sounds like you’ll be setting yourself up for better success of getting answers from each of them that way, rather than trying to coordinate as a group.

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    1. Yes, I don’t know that I was thinking, whatever makes it easier for the participating teachers works for me! I am so excited to start data collection tomorrow and happy that my project is on topics that I love – technology, gaming, digital learning tools, and of course MinecraftEdu!


  3. I thought of you this week when I received a sample Math magazine for students that had a big article on Minecraft. It is certainly something that is not going away, and you’re tapping into the heart of it all.

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    1. Yes, it’s certainly a popular new tool for teachers and students! I wasn’t able to find any information on how teachers manage their students in the game, guess no one wants to write about misbehavior in a new innovative tool! I know that finding out what works will help teachers who are on the fence be able to try this out without getting totally overwhelmed. I’m excited to see how it all goes down!


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