A reflection about finalizing diffi-tools for Givercraft!

What an exciting Diffi-Mooc week!! I missed the twitter session due to the OLTAK teacher training but it sounds like there was much inspiration flying around 🙂  It was helpful to read through the messages and see where everyone is at with their own tools and understand how the team feels about assessment of our respective tools.

I checked in on Jon’s blog and was excited to discover that he had so many ideas for indicators that I hadn’t considered!  It’s great to have two different brains working on this project and with his prior experience as a Givercraft teacher, he has great perspective on what teachers can use and how students will use what we create.  We have finished our underground dwelling and have started an abandoned community.  We will be asking for volunteers to create badges for our tasks if anyone wants to help.

I looked over Nicole and Meagan’s blogs to see how the Teacher Resource Site is coming along.  It’s really evolving and it is exciting to see a different communication tool being used to support teachers.  I suggested that they might think of interactive problem-solving or collaborating opportunities for teachers when they check in after each day.

I looked over Thomas’ diffi-tool and helped him test out some leaderboard tools/link; I asked him to also test my maze challenge.  It took him 11 minutes to complete so I will be interested to hear from teachers what they think of the tool and if students have feedback (complaints) as well.  Thomas also helped me figure out how to set my teleport blocks so that student teleport within the room I have built and don’t get stuck in the walls (not a good thing!).

I enjoyed Cindy’s gamer type quiz and gave her some feedback about posting and sharing it on the Google Group and Live Minutes site. Tristan also has a well thought-out tool that she made focusing on grammar in the wiki writing.  I reminded others to post their tools in Google Group and the Live Minutes site and to write kid-friendly instructions and post on the Wikispaces site if they are tools for students.  I created a “Student Resources” tag and created some pages with resources for taking screenshots and editing the screenshots for posting.  I also moved the instructions about editing pages from the Home page and under the Student Resources tag.  I “locked” each page I created under that tag to avoid them being deleted or edited.

Jon and I have been coordinating tasks for our combined tools; we still need to finish the abandoned community, finalize our clues and post them (and place the clues in the game world), create a Wikispaces page for the tools, and break some border gaps in the class communities and place a teleport block that will lead to the abandoned community.

I also discovered a cool trick in MinecraftEdu this week; I opened two launcher windows and was able to use one as a student and one window as a teacher.  This allowed me to test my tools as needed while I was building, rather than logging out and logging back into the game!  What a timesaver!

Any thoughts, feelings, opinions, suggestions?

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