Research has been completed, now what??

What needs to be considered now? What will I do next?

If I really want to have my research help inform other teachers and to impact game design I need to consider who my immediate audience would be and how I can reach them to share my work.  Our Google Community un-conference will be a good start; as I have been thinking about the presentation that I will create, I am grateful that I can first present to my peers that have shared in this research journey.  I would like for my peers to be able to use my research to understand how they can integrate virtual games into their classrooms and pass on what they learn to others.

Beyond my peer group in this course, there are several other groups that could benefit from my work.  The teachers that I observed and other Givercraft/Survivalcraft teachers that I have worked with using MinecraftEdu can use what I learned to continue integrating the game in their teaching.  My peers in my other graduate courses that worked on teacher training (OLTAK) and in developing differentiation tools (Diffi-Mooc) for the experience might be able to use what I learned from my research to reflect on their own work during this semester.

To extend my impact, I have been exploring other peer learning communities that are using MinecraftEdu and other virtual learning games in the classroom.  There is a Google Group for teachers using MinecraftEdu that I joined last semester and I would like to share my research in that forum to share what I learned but to also get feedback about my process and results.  My plan is to give my presentation at the un-conference and then evaluate whether that is the format that I want to share my work in these wider networks.  I am also considering the possibility of creating other tools for sharing my research (infographics, concept maps, article, etc.).  It’s a bit scary to think of putting my work “out there” but I feel that it is a necessary step in this process that I need to try.

One thought on “Research has been completed, now what??

  1. Oh, my gosh! Reading this blog has helped me figure out what I want to do for my presentation? I have also been struggling on what to synthesize. I don’t want my project to be boring… how would I make it interesting? While reading yours, I want to make my presentation a short movie. Something that I can share with you and the rest of the class, but also something I can share with my colleagues and substitute teachers! Google communities is a great place to share, but not sure subs in my district would have access to that or would want to go there. I was lost this week without chatting with peers too. I’m glad I checked my blog reader today. 🙂 You were an inspiration to me and I thought I would let you know! You have such an amazing way with words. 🙂

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