Preparing to write my reflecting philosophy of online teaching and learning

My reflective philosophy of online teaching and learning will be focused on demonstrating that I met the objectives of this course and on communicating my beliefs, knowledge, and understanding of how people learn through online environments.  Demonstrating that I met the objectives seems to be a straightforward task but communicating how I believe that learning occurs online seems a bit more complex.  I plan to read through my blogs from this course and to relate my philosophy to the learning theories that we studied earlier in this course.

My writing tends to be explanatory and reflective so I’m not worried about writing the document but I am concerned that it will be very lengthy and will definitely welcome feedback about the content of my paper before submission.  I feel confident that I understand the learning theories of online teaching and learning, but plan to look them up again if I get stuck in outlining my perspectives.  I was a little unsure of which objectives we are supposed to focus on, but after reviewing the emails and hangout chat between our team members and Dr. Graham, I feel that I have a good understanding of what is expected.  The objectives we are reflecting on are NETS C – 3a, 3b, 3c, 3g, 4a, 4b, 4c, 6a, 6b, and 6c.

My own experience as an online learner combined with our work in developing an online course have helped me to understand not only how I learn, but also what needs learners have because of the nature of an online learning experience.  I will certainly draw on these in my reflection but would also like to find additional examples that are relevant to my discussion.

2 thoughts on “Preparing to write my reflecting philosophy of online teaching and learning

  1. I agree reading through our blogs will help us be able to reflect about online teaching and learning. Week 1 seems so long ago. You are a very reflective writer, which is an important skill, so I think you will do a good job of reflecting on your experiences and what you have learned.


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