Course Blogs for EDET 637 – Differentiating Instruction Through Technology

The course focuses on the use of technology as a tool to gauge and facilitate the needs and interests of diverse learners in the classroom.

What is Differentiated Instruction?

Reflection 1:  I’m now even more obsessed with infographics

Differentiating Instruction with MinecraftEdu

Reflection 2:  A rockin’ week in #DiffiMOOC and #MinecraftEdu

Decision-Making in My Differentiated Instruction

Reflection 3:  What is shaping my understanding of differentiation

Differentiation Mad Libs

Reflection 4:  A week of gaming, differentiation with parents, and learning new tech tools

Teachers can and should differentiate instruction with digital games

Reflection 5:  Differentiation through gaming in the classroom

My differentiation tools for the Givercraft Experience

Reflection 6:  A fun and busy week of building diffi-tools for Givercraft!

Measuring effectiveness of my diffi-tools

Reflection 7:  Finalizing diffi-tools for Givercraft

Connecting Differentiation & Project-Based Learning

Reflection 8:  PBL, Multiple Intelligences, and monitoring my Diffi-Tools

My 8-stage recipe for PBL

Reflection 9:  PBL tools, resources, tips, roles, and helping others to learn them well

An assessment of my diffi-tools

Reflection 10:  Diffi-tool considerations for the Survivalcraft experience

Differentiation opportunities in Survivalcraft:  The Maze Runner & Lord of the Flies

Reflection 11:  Preparing effective diffi-tools

Connecting brain-based teaching & learning to differentiated instruction and problem-based learning

Reflection 12:  My impossible “ways to be” and why I think they’re possible

How can assessments enhance intrinsic motivation in students?

Reflection 13:  How we view and use assessments




Any thoughts, feelings, opinions, suggestions?

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