Master’s Portfolio

Greetings and welcome to my Master’s of Education Portfolio site!

As a candidate for the Master’s of Education in Learning Design and Technology at the University of Alaska Southeast, I’ve enjoyed the journey of building and expanding my knowledge in two areas that I have great personal and professional passion.

My love of learning whether it has been through teaching, coaching, training, or mentoring, has been given a richer and more meaningful context through this program. My other passion has always been for technology, and really, the innovative and creative uses of technology to empower others.  Discovering this deeper moral purpose through my work in this program, has been an inspirational and rewarding experience at this juncture in my career!

I hope this portfolio conveys to you my passion for learning design and technology, and empowers you to hike your own learning trails!

Thank you,

Jahmila “Mia” Kuartei

Goal 1:  Philosophy of Education

Goal 2:  Human Development

Goal 3:  Differentiation

Goal 4:  Content Knowledge

Goal 5:  Assessment

Goal 6:  Learning Community

Goal 7:  Parents & Community

Goal 8:  Professionalism

Goal 9:  Technology