About the Rock Islands, Me, and Why I’m a Techie

Someday when we figure out how to live underwater, I’m moving there!  I love the ocean and exploring everything in, near, or under the water is my favorite thing to do.  I was born and raised in Palau, a small island nation in the western Pacific Ocean.  We call our smaller islands “rock islands” but they are actually limestone rock formations similar to many other islands found in the Pacific and Southeast Asia.  

I grew up in a small island community where learning came from observing, guessing, asking questions, practicing, accepting risks, depending on others, improving skills and techniques, making mistakes, and trying again and again.  Through thousands of trials and errors, our ancestors had adapted to their environment and passed on their research and findings through our customs and traditions.  These customs and traditions have continue to evolve as the environment, people, and their needs have shifted over the generations.  As an adult, I find myself constantly reflecting on new knowledge and experiences, with that understanding that I am continuing that tradition of connecting the present to the past.

I earned a B.A. in International Studies and B.S. in Secondary Education – Social Studies at Taylor University in Upland, Indiana.  If an island girl can survive five winters in the Midwest, you know she can make it anywhere!  After teaching and working in curriculum development, I’ve spent the last 11 years facilitating and teaching in after school and youth development programs.  I’m a techie because technology fascinates me and learning about it is just plain fun!  I like learning about new tech innovations but I also love using simple “machines” to re-imagine ways to help others.  I get excited and learn best when I can be creative and solve problems.

I started this journey of earning my graduate degree in Learning Design & Technology (formerly Educational Technology) because I want to continue helping others to learn through technology and use technology in ways they never expected!  I live in Sitka, Alaska with my husband, an active-duty U.S. Coast Guard member, and we have an adventure-loving labrador  named Coco Bean.

Coco Bean enjoying a sunny afternoon
Coco Bean enjoying a sunny afternoon


Any thoughts, feelings, opinions, suggestions?

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